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Purchasing a Predesigned Theme or Template for Your Blog

By Melissa Culbertson

If you don’t want to hire someone to design your blog but don’t quite want to do it yourself either, a predesigned template might be the perfect middle road because you don’t have to know a lot about the technical side of blog design. Predesigned templates widely vary from great designs to not-so-great ones.

Of course, purchasing a predesigned theme or template has both benefits and challenges.

When you opt for a predesigned theme or template, you benefit from the following:

  • Fast set-up: With predesigned templates, you can get your new blog design up and running faster than having someone else do it for you (or doing it all yourself). The base design is already complete, ready for you to customize it.

  • Customization capabilities: Just about every predesigned template allows you to tweak design elements, such as color, layout, and fonts. The WordPress predesigned blog template from Templatic is for someone who wants to highlight an e-book and blog about their topic.


    To make changes to the design and content, you simply add images and make content changes within your theme. You can see that simply modifying this text will change the first feature box to your content.


  • Inexpensive yet still professional look and feel: A predesigned theme or template still gives you a blog design that looks professional but at a lower cost (because it isn’t customized by someone just for you).

The downsides of a predesigned theme or template include the following:

  • Not as unique: Although you can indeed customize a predesigned template to an extent, your blog design won’t be as unique as one that’s made by you or a designer. Ensure upfront that you can tweak the design enough so that your blog won’t look generic.

  • Limitations in customization: Many templates do offer some flexibility in design, but you may be stuck with the general layout or the location of a certain design element. Some templates are more customizable than others, though, so check the features for the template before purchasing it.