Popular Blogging Applications - dummies

By Susan Gunelius

Part of Blogging All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Many online tools and applications allow you to create a blog, but not all these tools are equal. Some offer far more customization and functionality than others. Following are some of the most popular and feature-rich blogging applications:

  • WordPress.com: An easy-to-use, free blogging application with limited functionality and additional features available for a fee.

  • WordPress.org: The most feature-rich and customizable blogging application. It’s free but does require an investment in a separate web host and more technical knowledge than other blogging applications require.

  • Blogger: An easy-to-use and fairly feature-rich blogging application that is completely free.

  • TypePad: A fairly feature-rich blogging application, but users must pay a monthly fee to use it.

  • Tumblr: A simple blogging tool for publishing text, video, images, audio, and quotes without all of the features of more comprehensive blogging applications.

  • Movable Type: This blogging application is popular among blogging networks and offers a variety of features for a fee.