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Plan for a Successful Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Most successful bloggers didn’t start out planning on being successful bloggers. They started a blog for fun and then found that they could continue blogging for profit. Many of the most successful bloggers you know didn’t start out with a plan to get to where they are today. They had to figure it out along the way, much of the time taking many detours and making many course corrections.

The one thing bloggers have in common is that they all wish they knew what they were getting into when they first started blogging, because they all would have been a little more conscientious about the decisions they made that ended up having a long-term impact on their blogs.

These are the steps to take when launching a blog, the things you should make a top priority before you ever invest a second in starting a blog:

  • Chose a catchy name that meets the following criteria:

    • It’s brandable. This doesn’t have to be too literal, because remember that your tag line and logo can convey the nature of your site as well.

    • A good domain name is available. A good domain name ends in a .com, is as short as possible, is not easily misspelled, has no hyphens, and is not too similar to the names of directly competing sites with similar domain names (which could confuse people).

    • It’s not already used. Make sure the name isn’t being used by another blogger who writes on the same topic as you plan to write about.

    • It isn’t going to be your own nickname.

    • It isn’t in use by another company. Even if the other company has a very minimal online presence and is in another industry, if the name you’re considering is being used, choose a different name. There’s just too much potential for problems in the future with confusion — or even copyright and trademark issues.

  • Have a monetization plan of action before you launch.

  • Focus on an underserved market or topic: It’s far easier to build a name for yourself and become a valuable resource in a niche or topic that isn’t already oversaturated with other bloggers. For example, unless you’re an amazing chef and food photographer, do not start a general food blog today.

  • Look for a market that has potential for large growth.

  • Get set up on WordPress: The truth is, you don’t know what will be the true ticket to long-term success with any blog. You may want to expand it into another blog network. You may find that you want to build an affiliate store on the blog. You may find that you want to create a community and add Facebook Connect to allow people to sign in with their Facebook accounts. You can’t do any of these things on Blogger.

  • Get a premium WordPress theme: Premium themes make setting up a great-looking blog brain-dead easy — and you usually don’t have to hire a developer to customize it. If you do, then it’s usually only for very minor changes that are affordable. Premium themes also look professionally designed straight out of the box.

  • Get a logo.