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Personal Writing Style as a Mom Blogger

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

As a mom blogger, you must balance your need to write for pleasure with the need to give something to your readers in every single post. Even if you’re already an established writer, developing your personal writing style as a blogger is something that can only come with time. If you ask established professional bloggers about their first few blog posts, you’ll likely notice a hesitation and cringe before they respond.

Blogging is different from any other writing medium. Posts need to be relatively short and have a well-defined value proposition for the reader. A value proposition is simply making sure your readers know what they’ll get out of taking the time to read your blog post.

If readers can’t determine “what’s in it for me” in a short amount of time, they’ll leave your blog. Additionally, as a blogger, you have to enjoy what you’re writing, or you won’t be writing for long.

To be successful at blogging, you really must enjoy writing for the sake of writing. This is why it’s vital to choose a topic for your blog that you’re extremely passionate about — a topic that you love so much that you’d be willing to write about for free. Because — let’s face it — at the beginning, you will be writing for free!

On top of all this, the personal nature of blogs makes it next to impossible not to write about the people and things that are a part of your life. It also can make it tricky when you want to make a business out of the parts of your life that are typically shared only privately with friends and family.

Some of the harshest criticisms leveled at mom bloggers revolve around the ethics of sharing stories about family members — especially children — who don’t (or can’t) give explicit permission to appear on your blog.