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Personal and Professional Boundaries for Mom Bloggers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

In an interview, Heather Armstrong of revealed how she crossed personal and professional boundaries, the result of which was losing her job and hurting her family. Heather Armstrong started blogging as a way to vent her frustrations with her co-workers, and to share her critical opinions on her family’s Mormon religion.

Back then, she certainly never thought any of her family members would ever find her blog online. And she never mentioned names, either of her company or her co-workers, feeling that this level of privacy was all she needed to ensure that her writings wouldn’t cause any trouble in real life.

Heather learned the hard way that her co-workers did indeed find out about her blog, and she was promptly fired for it. And around the same time, her family found out about it as well, and was devastated to read the hurtful things she had said about them and their religion.

Heather’s lesson learned is as important now as it was back then — everything that you publish online is permanent. You can’t delete a blog post and erase it from the web. Your words don’t just reside on your blog — they are spread around the Internet via RSS feeds, search engines, and web archives. They get copied on server backups and on any computer of a blog reader.