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Opportunities Offered by Blogging

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Mom bloggers with strong platforms and strong personal brands are the most sought after personalities in the blogosphere. With these advantages, you can attract the opportunities that suit your blogging business the most. These may come in the form of sponsorship and advertising dollars, or book deals, speaking opportunities, and even job offers. Your brand and your platform help you to do whatever you want to do.

Most moms who have found success with their blogs started out without any idea that their blogs would take off, and they wondered how the heck to turn their success into an income that justified the time they spent. They also started out with somewhat similar blogs, usually sharing posts on motherhood and family. Interestingly, as they got more successful, the blogs became more and more different from each other.

They have turned their personal mom musings into consulting firms, brand ambassadorships, blog networks, huge conference events, online e-commerce stores, and even book and movie deals. Mom bloggers can be seen on the Today Show and in TV commercials, in national breast cancer awareness campaigns and visiting the White House.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of mom bloggers earn a living not directly from their blogs, but because of their blogs. Blogs are an extremely powerful way to build a platform for your personal brand.

A platform is a way of describing your circle of influence online and in the media. It includes how many friends you have on social networking sites, how many people follow your blog, how many times you may have been mentioned on other websites, in the news, or even on TV.

Your personal brand is how you define and project an image of yourself, so that people come to know you and what you stand for. You can probably guess the kind of personal brand that’s behind a mom blogger who goes by a nickname such as Rock and Roll Mama or A Cowboy’s Wife.