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Online Community Managers Stay on Top of Trends

By Deborah Ng

Whether it pertains to your online community or not, you need to be aware of market trends. What are people buying? How are they communicating online? Are they spending more money or less? What foods, gadgets, or fashions are in or out?

To stay on top of trends, know

  • What’s in and what’s out so that you can hold a conversation without appearing old, out of touch, or just not hip to current situations.

  • How people are spending their money so that you can determine how to set up promotions and discounts. It also enables you to work with the proper teams in setting up price points.

  • The latest news so that you can create timely discussion topics.

  • The latest trends in colors, which helps you design your websites, blogs, and community pages to stay current.

  • The latest social-networking sites, which allows you to continue to interact with your existing members and attract new members.

  • The latest tools and technologies, which makes your job easier.

It’s also important to note trends within your community. Are there fewer comments lately? Are your veteran members disappearing? Are people coming to your community via a completely new set of search terms? Your community is going to have both upward and downward trends, and it’s up to you to pinpoint trends and unearth the reasons for them.