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Online Community Managers Should Extend Their Education

By Deborah Ng

Don’t be afraid to learn something new. This may mean reading articles about your industry, the brand, and online community management, and it can mean seeking education that better enables you to run your community.

It never hurts to know basic web or blog design and to stay on top of the latest techniques. Also, knowing about branding, marketing, customer service, public relations, and even basic psychology doesn’t hurt. In every profession, the people who get ahead fastest are the ones who aren’t afraid to learn.

Your brand may be interested in helping you on your journey. Many companies are willing to invest in their employees and pay for continuing education. If sending you to classes isn’t in your company’s budget, don’t be afraid to invest in your own future and do it on your own.

Educating yourself doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a classroom taking notes. You can also attend conferences, webinars, and lectures; watch videos; and read books, magazines, newspapers, and web articles.

You know what looks bad? Watching discussions that you can’t take part in or responding “I don’t know” to questions. If you’re hired as a community manager, and you don’t know enough about the product or niche, you owe it to yourself to learn more and keep learning more so that you can hold your own in a conversation.