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Online Community Manager: The Analyst Hat

By Deborah Ng

How do you know all your programs and outreach efforts are working? As an online community manager, you’re expected to report the outcome of all your community outreach efforts, whether they’re successful or not. To do this report, you’ll need some analytical tools in place.

Your company will no doubt have a stats or analytics program or app available for you to use. These programs enable you to see a variety of experiences.

When you evaluate your programs and efforts, consider the following questions:

  • Where is traffic coming from?

  • How are current promotions doing?

  • Which pages are getting the most response?

  • What older content is doing well?

  • What products and services work, and which need work?

  • What are people doing when they’re on your website?

  • Which tags and keywords are getting the best response?

  • Which discussions and discussion topics are the most popular?

  • In what towns, cities, states, and countries do your community members live?

  • What are people searching on before landing on your blog, website, or forum?

  • Who is linking to you, and what are they saying?

  • Which content, product, or service is getting the most lackluster response?

The more you know about your community, the better you’ll be able to provide them the conversations, products, or services they’re looking for. You can’t assume you know people just because you tweeted back and forth a couple of times.