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Monetization Plan of Action for Mom Blogging Business

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

To make money from your mom blog, choose a blogging business model that best fits your work style and blogging ambitions. Though blogging is largely about doing what you love and playing to your strengths, it’s okay to start thinking about monetization by noticing what you don’t like:

  • If you hate working with clients, then choose to pursue the advertising and sponsorship model or the product-sales model.

  • If you hate the thought of learning search engine optimization and don’t feel like you can bring in hundreds of thousands of page views a month, then set up shop as a freelancer or pursue a full-time job with your blog instead.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the work it takes to get your blog to the level of success you want. Instead of learning everything you can learn about blogging techniques in general, choose two or three top priorities that you know will make the biggest impact on your income.

As you start to master these skills, add new initiatives one at a time. You may never have to learn anything about (say) e-mail marketing to be successful; most bloggers don’t. But if your business model requires it, then make it a priority.

After you decide on the direction of your blog, and choose the actions you want to take to earn revenue, break down the tasks you need to do into chunks and write them down in a simple one- or two-page document.

Translating your business ideas into action steps usually makes the process of getting from here to there much more attainable than if you just let the ideas swim around in your head.