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Mom Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Mom Blogging For Dummies

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

The mom-blogging community is made up of such a wide range of blog topics that the only thing mom bloggers all have in common is motherhood. Mom bloggers are natural networkers and usually extremely helpful and supportive of each other. Mom bloggers also turn to each other for advice, which is attractive to brands and advertisers.

Ad Networks for Mom Bloggers

The best ad network partner is one who will run ads that are a great match for your blog content. That way, the ads will be as relevant as possible to your blog readers. The following list provides many great ad networks, several of which might just be the perfect match for your blog:

  • Adversal focuses on many different topic areas and will take newer publishers with at least 2,500 page views a month.

  • BlogAds was the first ad network for blogs, offering bloggers plenty of control over which ads to accept.

  • The BlogHer Publishing Network is a leading news, entertainment, and information network for women.

  • Burst Moms Network reaches out to moms on sites that they turn to every day to manage their lives and households.

  • BuzzLogic is a large ad network that spans many different topic areas.

  • CafeMom is another well-established mom ad network.

  • Cox Digital Solutions is a “network of networks” with over 200 niche ad networks (such as real estate, food, education, and so on).

  • EverythingMom Network is for Canadian moms.

  • Federated Media focuses on independent publishers with a loyal following.

  • GlamMedia is one of the largest ad networks targeting women.

  • HerAgency is a women-oriented advertising representative agency that will sell ads just for your site (not as part of a group of sites).

  • HotChalk is for educational sites.

  • Lifetime Moms is a smaller ad network for mom bloggers.

  • Martha’s Circle is the Martha Stewart blog network.

  • Moms Media is a “vertical network” that focuses on reaching moms with advanced targeting options.

  • MTV Ad Networks is for music, entertainment, and kids/family sites.

  • RadiumOne is a multimedia ad network incorporating mobile, gaming, and social networks.

  • Rivit Media is for DIY and crafting blogs.

  • Social Spark is a blog marketing platform that connects advertisers with bloggers to create sponsored blog posts.

  • Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform; the site offers in-depth targeting and analytics.

  • Technorati Media is an ad network for bloggers in wide variety of topic areas.

  • Tribal Fusion is one of the largest ad networks; they only accept publishers with over half a million visitors a month or more.

Blogging Topics for Mom Bloggers

When you’re first thinking about starting a blog, it can be hard to think of all the possible directions you can go and to choose a strong niche for your blog topic. This list of over 300 blog topic ideas can help you brainstorm ideas on a niche that’s right for you.

You don’t have to choose just one of these topics for your blog. Most bloggers write about a few related topics to give their readers (and themselves!) a little variety.

  • Academics and education: Adult education, campus life, classroom resources, colleges and universities, curriculum, education reform and political action, elementary education, history, home schooling, homework help, librarians, literature, mathematics, multicultural, reference, research, special education, vocational

  • Animals: Animal rights, breeding, animal videos and photos, pets, species, research

  • Arts and entertainment: Acting, anime and comics, architecture, artists, art culture, books, creative writing, dance, gaming, kids’ entertainment, movies, photography, poetry, reviews, television, trends, visual arts

  • Business: Advertising industry, careers and jobs, CEOs, coaching, copywriting, design, entrepreneurship, home business, human resources, marketing, outsourcing, business product reviews, project management, public relations, reference, research, sales, small business, training, unemployment

  • Communications/personality: Advice, debate, humor, multimedia, photo blog, podcasting, video blogging

  • Computers: Online child safety, hardware and software, privacy, security, tutorials

  • Crafts: Crochet, beading, ethnic crafts, fabric arts, glass arts, home decorating, jewelry making, kids’ crafts, knitting, leather work, mosaic, needlework, craft patterns and downloads, paper crafts, pottery, quilting, scrapbooking, sewing, soap making, spinning, stamping, weaving, woodworking

  • Environment: Activism, eco products, environmental education, global warming, green living, industry, nature, natural baby resources

  • Events: Conferences, event planning, local, party planning, recreational events, seminars, web events, weddings

  • Food and drink: Alcoholic beverages, baking, cake decorating, cookbook reviews, dining, entertaining, food critic, healthy eating, international food, organic cooking, recipes

  • Health/well being: Addictions and recovery, allergies, alternative health, breastfeeding, dieting, disabilities, diseases, fitness, gluten-free living, healing, infertility, life coaching, medicine, meditation, men’s health, mental health, personal care, pregnancy, psychiatry, psychology, public health, stress, suicide prevention, women’s health

  • Home and garden: Antiques, construction, entertaining, gardening, holidays, home decor, home repair, homemaking, landscaping, kitchen and bath, organizing

  • Industries: Advertising, agricultural, architecture, automotive, broadcasting/media, finance, government, health care, industrial, investing, law and legal, packaging/paper, property management, publishing, real estate, textiles

  • Internet: Blogging, Internet marketing, programming, social networking and social media, search engine optimization, web design, web development

  • Music: Artists/bands, awards, composition, genres, history, instruments, lessons, lyrics, notation/chords/tabs, regional, reviews, news/gossip

  • Personal: Advice column, children/teens, family, journal, life transitions, parenting, personal development, relationships

  • Politics/government: Civil rights, commentary, international, legislation, lobbying, local politics, military, peace, presidential studies, terrorism, war

  • Pop culture: Beauty, celebrity, entertainment, fashion, gossip, popular brands and products, television shows, trends

  • Religion/philosophy: Denominations, ethics, history, metaphysics, schools of thought, spirituality

  • Science: Anatomy, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, geology, oceanography, physics, research, zoology

  • Shopping: Books, cameras, clothing, coupons and discounts, children’s products, fashion, fine living, gadgets/tech, gifts, home decor, office, reviews

  • Society/culture: Adoption, charity, civilization, community development, controversy, criminal justice, death, ethnic issues, family issues, feminism, genealogy, LGBT, men, mythology, rural living, seniors, social security, suburban living, violence, volunteering, urban living

  • Sports/recreation: Competitions, gaming, hobbies, individual sports, leisure, martial arts, memorabilia, motorcycles, Olympics, outdoor recreation, physical education, pro sports, racing, sporting activities, sporting events, sporting goods, sports role models, team sports

  • Technology: Cameras, companies, computers and tablets, electronics/gadgets, engineering, innovations, mobile, networking, news, tech companies, technology entrepreneurs and thought leaders, tools

  • Travel/places/local: Budget travel, camping/RV living, destinations, family travel, international, local guides, travel photography, vacation planning

Protecting Your Blog from Copyright Infringement

You can use online tools to find out if any of your content has been copied by another website and to take action if your work has been plagiarized to get the copied content dropped out of Google’s search results. Usually, just doing this is enough to deter plagiarizers, because the whole reason they steal content is to increase their own traffic.

To discover if any sites have stolen your written blog content and to have them removed from Google’s search results, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Copyscape.

  2. Type or paste the URL of the blog post you want to check for plagiarism, and click the Go button.

  3. Click any results and read the page to confirm if that site is indeed copying your content.

  4. Keep track of page(s) that truly copied your content by copying and pasting the URLs into a Word or Notepad file.

    Warning: Be absolutely sure that the offending site is using your content illegally before you take these next steps. You could be held liable for costs and legal fees if the case goes to court and it is found that the site is using your content legally. Consult with an attorney if you are unsure whether the usage is legal or illegal before proceeding.

  5. Go to

  6. Sign in using your Google account, and on the page that appears, fill out the form.

You may be wondering what would prevent a malicious competitor from filing a bogus complaint against you? Sadly, nothing can stop them. Your only recourse if that happens is to file a counter notice with Google on the DCMA Counter Notification form to get your content reinstated. (Note that it can take up to 30 days for Google to reinstate your site in their index.)