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Mom Bloggers Teach What They Know

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

If your blog is a teaching or informational kind of blog, freely give your advice and expertise away in your blog posts. You may be concerned about giving away expertise for free, but keep in mind that the information is probably available for free already on the Internet elsewhere, and that people who want free information will find it and never pay for it anyway.

The value of your expertise is more than just the actual words; it’s in how people can apply the information you offer in their own lives. So you can offer the best advice on the planet for free, but the customers who you really want to work with you will still hire you to help them apply that advice to their specific situations.

Additionally, it will be because of the free resources you provide that these customers find you in the first place. The purpose of informational content is to showcase your expertise, which then proves to your readers that you are the one who can consistently provide the information they want or need.

And that’s how you start getting known as the go-to gal for whatever you want to be the go-to gal for.

The benefits of positioning yourself as an expert really can’t be understated. It helps as you are working to establish your brand. It helps when potential clients and customers need the right person for the job or the perfect product to buy.

It helps when people are looking on the search engines for someone with your specific experience and background. It helps when advertisers or sponsors are looking for that perfect blogger to work with on their next social media campaign. And it helps when reporters, television producers, and the media are looking for a credible expert to feature in a story.