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Make a Difference with a Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Bloggers have always been great at using their blogs to support their favorite causes. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a huge blogger to make a difference. It can be on a personal level, as you communicate one-on-one with one of your readers, or you can use your platform of influence to raise awareness for larger organizations or campaigns you support.

When you first start blogging, a reader specifically saying that an entry helped them in their own businesses or lives really might be the only reward you get for your blogging efforts. It is a powerful reward indeed, and it might keep you going when times and finances get tough.

Yet some of the most poignant and powerful ways bloggers have made a difference is by turning their own personal tragedies into the ability to help others through difficult times.

Mom blogger Heather Spohr lost her daughter Maddie suddenly to a respiratory infection when she was less than two years old. Maddie had been born premature, and spent the first 68 days of her life in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

After Maddie passed away, Heather created Friends of Maddie, a not-for-profit organization that helps parents when their babies also get admitted to the NICU. She’s also funneled her grief into action, using her blogging and social media savvy to raise over $100,000 for the March of Dimes foundation. You can see the good that Heather is doing with her blogging experience on Friends of Maddie.

Heather Spohr founded Friends of Maddie after the sudden loss of her toddler daughter.
Heather Spohr founded Friends of Maddie after the sudden loss of her toddler daughter.

As your blog and your influence grow, you can also lend your voice to existing organizations for public awareness campaigns. Audrey McLelland, Sharon Couto, and Jane Couto from MomGenerations write a fashion blog aimed at moms, aunts, and grandmothers. Because of their success, The Estee Lauder Companies approached them in the summer of 2010 to request that they take part in the company’s ongoing Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The three had no hesitation in throwing their support behind fighting a disease that had taken their cousin, Cathy Holden, many years ago. While this meant posing in a very revealing photo shoot, they consider it one of their biggest accomplishments as bloggers and businesswomen.