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Language to Use in Your Online Community Welcome Letter

By Deborah Ng

As online community manager, you should try to make the welcome letter to your community sound more like news than a sales pitch. Write in a conversational tone to make new members feel comfortable and invite them to take part in your community’s many experiences rather than push them into a sale. Use words that entice rather than pitch. Try these examples of enticing words:

  • Invite (“I’d like to take this time to invite you to view this week’s discounts.”)

  • Enjoy (“Enjoy the conversation with other members of our community.”)

  • Experience (“Why not experience the many positive benefits that come with participating in our community?”)

  • Appreciate (“We truly appreciate your faith in us.”)

  • Welcome (“Welcome to the Brand X community.”)

  • Share (“I’d love to share some of the many community resources…”)

  • Community (“As a community member, you’ll enjoy…”)

  • Thank you or thanks (“Thanks for joining our community.”)

  • Entertain (“You’ll find our discussion topics both enlightening and entertaining.”)

  • Conversation (“I hope you’ll join the conversation.”)

The point of your welcome e-mail is to remind your new members that they signed up to join in the first place and also to eliminate confusion.

You want to guide them so that they find all the necessary information, without an obnoxious sales pitch or even pushing them into taking an action they’re not interested in. The key is to invite or suggest, rather than tell someone where to go.