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Knowing Your Audience Can Benefit Your Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

Understanding your audience means that you can design a blog that makes them feel comfortable. Your design and layout should not only focus on their interests, but also align with your tone and goals.

Here are things you can learn from your audience that benefit your blog design:

  • How much content they consume about your topic: If your audience wants multiple posts a day (and you have that capacity on your own or with contributors), you may choose a different blog layout than someone who posts twice weekly. A perfect example would be a deal blogger whose readers expect to know about the latest sales and coupons.

  • What answers they’re seeking: Your audience’s content preferences can help you decide how often to write about a certain topic. You can also build a popular topic into your blog design. If your audience likes your video tutorials, you might design a blog page just for those. If your audience wants basics about sewing, create a sidebar image that links to a page dedicated to sewing for beginners.

  • What platforms or communities they belong to: If your audience heavily uses Pinterest (a social media site for bookmarking and sharing links via images), you want the functionality in your blog design to be Pinterest-friendly. That means good image titles and easily visible PinIt buttons. If they are big Twitter users, you might consider a widget that shows your latest tweets.

  • Their basic demographic make-up: If your audience is mostly males in their 20s, your site design should look a lot different than a blog whose audience is women in their 50s. While you can assume you know your audience, you might be surprised by the results.

  • Tech-savvyness: Do your readers have smart phones, tablets, or the latest gadgets? Or do they use their computers just for web surfing and e-mail? If most of your readers aren’t bloggers, maybe you don’t need the CommentLuv plug-in that automatically pulls that commenter’s latest blog post. It might be confusing and inhibit someone from leaving a comment.

    If your blog readers are heavy smartphone users, they’ll appreciate a mobile version of your site or even a special mobile phone app.

Resist the urge to think that your blog is for anyone and everyone. Without a target audience, you water down your writing and make it harder to design your blog.