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Incorporate Social Bookmarking into Your Blog

You have access to all your Web site bookmarks from any computer from anywhere, and those bookmarks are organized and labeled in ways that make sense to you so that they’re easy to find again (and not how a search engine thinks they ought to be labeled). Conveniently, your bookmarks are saved on the Web, so you always have access to them, no matter what computer or browser you’re using.

Social bookmarking is especially cool for groups who are researching the same topic — imagine working on an academic project with a group where you all pool your Web research, or planning a family vacation.

Because bloggers have long shared lists of links with each other (usually in the form of blogrolls), this is a great service to use for your audience. For some link bloggers (link bloggers blog mainly about cool or interesting Web sites they find), social bookmarking has come close to replacing the need for a blog. Social bookmarking can even be used to generate your blogroll.

Both Ma.gnolia and turn your bookmarks into an RSS feed that can be followed using a newsreader or any software that understands RSS. Ma.gnolia even publishes a feed that can be understood by phones!

Some blog software can aggregate content using RSS and display it on your blog; you can use that functionality to display your Ma.gnolia or feed.