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Improve Your Blog’s Navigation Design

By Melissa Culbertson

Great navigation design for your blog improves the reader experience. Bad navigation design on a blog frustrates visitors who want to locate a specific blog post fast, or read related or similar posts. Anticipate your visitor’s needs by thinking about your blog like a store, and your blog posts like products:

  • Popular and recent posts: End caps on aisles and displays at the front of a store give you suggestions of things that are hot. On your blog, having a Popular Posts or Recent Posts list bring those blog posts to the forefront for readers to find your greatest and your latest.

  • Related posts: When you’re in a store, you’ve seen strategic product placement: placing related products beside each other. Perhaps you went to pick up peanut butter but then saw jelly and decided you needed that, too. The same with placing batteries in the toy section. Related posts are like this. Your reader came to read a particular post, and you help them discover more by suggesting similar posts.

  • Categories: If you’re in a new grocery store, you probably rely on the aisle signage that displays which main product categories are in each aisle. Your blog categories guide readers the same way.

  • Search box: Having a search box as part of your blog design is like asking a store associate to help you find something in particular. You can find what you’re after right away.

On the blog What I Wore, Jessica anticipates her readers desire to find certain outfits. On her sidebar, she includes a Find Your Way Around section of different outfit types, a Recent Outfit Posts section with full-length photos, and even a cool grid of colors to find outfits by colors.

[Credit: © Jessica Quirk, What I Wore]
Credit: © Jessica Quirk, What I Wore