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How to Write an Editorial Policy for Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Writing an editorial policy for your mom blog will help you in more ways than guiding your ethics. An editorial policy is a short document that clarifies what subjects you will and won’t write about on your blog, so it helps to define your niche more clearly than you might otherwise be able to do.

In the context of blogging ethics, it’s important to have a published editorial policy if you write any posts that are sponsored content. An editorial policy is just as important if you write content that could be perceived as sponsored content, even when it isn’t. Here’s an example: writing reviews only of products that you purchase on your own.

Having a published editorial policy will signal to your readers that you take your content — and their opinion of you — seriously. It will also signal to brand representatives and PR firms that you are a professional and take their marketing objectives seriously, too. All of these things will help you build your reputation and open the doors to bigger sponsorship opportunities down the road.

An editorial policy doesn’t have to be long — it can be just a couple of paragraphs. You can place it on your About page, on its own page, or on your Disclosures page. Here are the things you should cover in your editorial policy:

  • How you conduct your product reviews

  • How and when you publish, or might publish, sponsored content

  • The kinds of topics that will and won’t be covered in your sponsored content

  • The kind of sponsored opportunities you will or have turned down