How to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Engagement - dummies

How to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Engagement

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

The professional social media site LinkedIn has been around since 2003 — several years before Twitter was launched, and available to the public several years before Facebook. In August 2012, LinkedIn reached 175 million users. A laser focus on professionals and businesspeople sets LinkedIn apart from all other major social networks.

If you’re looking to reach a more business-minded audience — particularly for B2B marketing — LinkedIn is a useful tool.

As with many social networks, LinkedIn has a number of basic ways to engage with others with a slant toward professional networking. You interact on LinkedIn using these methods:

  • News feed: Post information in your own feed with text, images, and attached files.

  • Like, comment, share: Respond to posts from your connections, and they can do the same on your posts.

  • Company Page: Publish and share corporate news to your Page followers.

  • LinkedIn e-mail: Send a message between connections.

  • LinkedIn inMail: Reach non-connections by sending messages using this paid membership feature.

  • LinkedIn Groups: Public or private discussion forums for like-minded individuals or organization members.

  • LinkedIn Polls: Publish or respond to quick polls that can be shared on through your news feed.

Every professional person should set up a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is excellent for personal brand building and business networking. LinkedIn also offers company pages to build a presence for your business as well as LinkedIn groups to help you build an online community.