How to Use Flickr to Upload Images to Blog Posts - dummies

How to Use Flickr to Upload Images to Blog Posts

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

If you have a photo prepared for use on your blog, you’re ready to upload it to the web. You can take two approaches to get your image online:

  • Uploading directly to your blog: Most blog platforms and software allow you to upload images directly into your blog. One good thing about a direct upload is that the image will remain in that post even if a site like Flickr should suddenly no longer exist. Unfortunately, uploading images directly to your blog may become an issue because of file storage restrictions.

  • Other online sharing sites: If your blog software doesn’t include an image-uploading tool, you can upload your photos to an online sharing site, such as Flickr. You can then add your photo to your post from that site.

Follow these steps to add photos to Flickr:

  1. Log into your Flickr account and select Upload on the home page.

    The Upload to Flickr page appears.

  2. Click the Choose Photos and Videos link.

    A Select File dialog box opens, showing files on your computer.

  3. Navigate to the location of the photo that you want to upload, select the photo, and click Open.

    Your photo goes into an upload queue on the Flickr page. You can add a description at this time.

    If you want to upload more photos, click the Add More link and add those photos to the queue, as well.

  4. Make sure that your Privacy setting is Visible to Everyone so that readers can view your photo when you put it on your blog.

  5. Click the Upload Photos and Videos button.

    Flickr displays a progress bar and notifies you when it has fully uploaded your photo.

  6. Give your photo a title, description, and tags that describe it in the text boxes provided.

  7. Click the Save button.

    Flickr adds your new photo(s) to your photo page. After you’ve completed your upload, you are sent back to your main photostream.

  8. On your photo page, click the photo that you just uploaded.

  9. Select the Share option from the toolbar beneath the photo.

    To post your photos directly from Flickr onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Blogger, select the appropriate icon and skip the remaining steps. Flickr shows you the starting point for configuring the connection between Flickr and your blog. Have the web address for your blog’s publishing interface, your username, and password ready.

  10. Click the Grab the HTML/BBCode link.

    Flickr opens the code screen.

    The HTML/BBCode screen on Flickr allows you to embed an image on a blog.

  11. Click in the code box and copy that code into your Clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C (+C on a Mac) or choosing Edit➪Copy.

  12. Go to your blogging software and start a new post.

  13. Paste the code from Flickr into your post entry field.

    After the Flickr code, type your post as you normally would.

  14. Publish your post.

    Be sure to check how it looks on the blog.