How to Use Audiocasting and Podcasting for Social Media Engagement - dummies

How to Use Audiocasting and Podcasting for Social Media Engagement

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

A great way to build a social media following is through audiocasts. Audiocasts are digital audio broadcasts on the Internet. You may also hear them referred to as podcasts because they’re often played on iPods. In 2012, 29 percent of Americans had listened to a podcast (Edison Research).

Most podcasts are available for listening or for download entirely for free. Radio stations and radio production companies can produce podcasts in professional studios with professional audio editors. Just as often, independent producers, marketers, and audio enthusiasts can produce podcasts too with varying degrees of production quality.

Some popular podcasts on the Apple iTunes store are This American Life and Freakonomics Radio and a number of NPR shows.

A podcast can be delivered on G+ by using these methods:

  • Live streaming: Usually recorded

  • Recording: Generally followed by broadcasting

  • Embedding on a site, blog, or social network: For instant or on-demand play

  • Archived on a network: For individual download or subscription

Podcasts are recorded in many lengths and styles. Some podcasts are produced similarly to radio shows with recorded intros and outros edited in after the content is recorded and even with music added. Sometimes, podcasts contain commercials. Podcasts can also be streamed or recorded live, even from a mobile device, and uploaded on the fly with no editing.

Don’t underestimate the power and portability of audio to connect with your audience. You can also engage your audience in audio conversations online.