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How to Tie Your Blog into Twitter through RSS

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

Many bloggers have set up a system that automatically tweets about their blog posts as soon as they are published. One such tool is called Twitterfeed, but many options are available, from plug-ins to tools integrated directly into your blogging or even your favorite Twitter platform.

Setting up such a system is pretty simple, really. After your blog has an RSS feed, you simply direct your blog-sharing tool to connect the feed and your Twitter account. Whenever you post a new blog update, a tweet containing the blog post title and URL is added to your Twitter feed.

Tweeting about your blog posts can really help to drive traffic to your blog, but some users find the impersonality of this kind of message irritating. Be aware of what your audience is looking for if you decide to go this route.

Don’t forget to ask your readers to follow you on Twitter by sharing a link to your Twitter account!