How to Start a Blog Design - dummies

How to Start a Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

Part of Blog Design For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Good designers have a method to the madness. It’s much harder to design without thinking through your blog’s topics, your voice, your blogging goals, and more. Jot down your responses to the following prompts to lay the foundation for a powerful blog design that fits you to a T.

  • What’s your blog about?

  • What do you want your blog to be known for?

  • List two to five blogging goals.

  • Describe a few characteristics about your audience.

  • Why do you write on your blog?

  • Write down adjectives that describe the tone of your recent blog posts.

Look at the answers to these then work these qualities into your blog’s look and feel and to help determine placement of certain design elements, links, and calls to action.