How to Spark Conversations on Social Media - dummies

How to Spark Conversations on Social Media

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

When you’re participating in social media engagement you’re conversing. Everything you post online should be thought of as the beginning of a conversation. If you want to engage with others via social media engagement, you have to be willing — and able – to be part of the conversation.

Your engagement efforts begin, as always, with your business goals, who you’re trying to reach, and what you’re trying to get them to do. But then your challenge becomes converting your key messages into meaningful conversation starters and maintaining conversations to foster relationships with your connections.

A great way to start a conversation is by telling a story. Storytelling in social media engagement is a powerful tool — you can do it by using words, images, audio, and video. Tell stories that are compelling enough for others to want to pass them along.

Conversations are happening online all the time. Some of these conversations involve your brand — whether or not you’re part of them. Listen more to what is being said about you, and find appropriate ways to be a part of those conversations.

You can’t control all the conversations happening around your brand, but you can engage people who are talking about you outside of your networks, address their comments or concerns, and invite them to continue the conversation in more direct ways including e-mail, website forums, social networks, and even by phone or in person if it makes sense.