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How to Solicit Third-Party Social Media Endorsements

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

Satisfied customers represent gold that’s waiting to be mined. The best way to have them endorse your brand through social media? Ask. Don’t be afraid to request online reviews about you or ratings of your business, product, or service.

Make it worth the effort for people to praise you publicly. When a happy customer raves about you on a social network, be sure to express your gratitude. Share their kind words with your larger fan base. Find a creative way to say thank you.

Lead people to popular review sites so that their praise finds even more exposure, such as

Positive, unsolicited reviews from consumers at these review sites go a long way toward building your brand’s credibility. Controlling the content of reviews on public sites, however, is impossible.

Never fake a positive review for your own business in a social network or review site. If you get caught and called out publicly, you can instantly lose your credibility and the public’s trust. On a review site, you can be banned; on a social network, you can’t be banned for pretending to be a satisfied customer, but the loss of trust isn’t even remotely worth any perceived benefit.