How to Set Up Quantcast on Your Mom Blog - dummies

How to Set Up Quantcast on Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Quantcast is a free tool that will measure your audience demographics for you automatically, using estimates based on sample users who share their surfing information with Quantcast via a toolbar.

To set up Quantcast on your blog, follow these steps:

1Go to Quantcast and set up a new account.

Quantcast sends you a verification e-mail. After you’ve confirmed your e-mail address with Quantcast, you can sign in to your account and continue.

2Click the Generate Tag button.

There are two Generate Tag buttons on the page — they both do the same thing.

3Copy and paste this code into your blog template. Click the Scan the Site button.

It can go in the same place as your Google Analytics code. You can ignore the Multiple P-codes option unless you have an advanced setup with multiple blogs in a blog network. If that’s the case, then read the instructions by clicking on the What’s This link for your custom setup.

4Enter your blog URL into the text box.

Set up your Quantcast account by entering the URL here and clicking the Scan Site button.

By default, Quantcast makes your traffic and audience demographics public information on its website. If you prefer to keep this information private, be sure to go into your Quantcast account settings and change your privacy settings.

This will not interfere with its ability to measure your site traffic. But just so you know, potential advertisers may also be looking for you on Quantcast. You may want to make this information easily available to them if you plan on selling your own advertising.