How to Put Ads on Your Blog - dummies

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

To get ads onto your blog website, the programs you sign up for usually provide you with a bit of code that you insert into your website templates. Some programs have step-by-step instructions for popular blog software packages, but be aware that you might also need to consult your blog software documentation for help with putting your ads where you want them.

First, decide just where you want the ads on your page. The best thing to do when you’re thinking about introducing ads into your blog design is to make sure the ads aren’t overpowering.

Don’t damage your reputation or credibility by overloading the site with ads or by associating ads too closely with your blog posts and content. Aside from pop-up ads, nothing is more annoying than having a blog design that’s created around ads rather than a blog that’s designed to include ads.

At the same time, you need to place ads in spots where readers can see them. Bloggers have discovered a few truths about ads, although your results might differ:

  • Ads at the top and bottom of each page do poorly. Readers often ignore and rarely view advertisements along the top or the bottom of a blog because the site content usually appears in the middle of the screen. While users scroll their windows to view site content, they may never see these top and bottom advertisements at all.

  • Ads in the sidebars perform well but might interfere with navigation. The left side of the website is a traditional place for ads. However, it’s also a prime place for navigation tools, and your website design might require that you locate such tools higher than the ads you want people to view.

    As for the right side, not only are navigation tools sometimes placed here, but the bulk of blog content tends be aligned to the left side of the screen. Some users might cover the right side with other windows and therefore miss these right-side advertisements entirely.

  • Ads within the content itself get clicked. Some blogs have their ads placed within their content, so visitors don’t miss the ads. But you need to be careful when you use advertising within your content. Remember that you want to make the content king, not the ad.

Try out ads in different places on your blog and see how your audience reacts, as well as how your earnings do. You might need to try several different locations before you find one that balances your readers’ needs with your advertisers’.