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How to Promote Your Vlog (Video Blog)

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

After you’ve created your video content, it is time to promote that content and, with luck, bring a new audience to your blog or vlog channel. If you’ve already begun blogging, the first place to start is your own blog. Even if you choose to host your vlog on an additional platform such as YouTube, your blog still creates a prime opportunity to promote your new vlog content:

  • Use sidebar promotion: Let anyone stopping by your site know that additional video content is available by featuring that content in your sidebar. Post an image letting readers know about your vlog and asking them to click through to your vlogging platform. Better yet, install a video viewer so that readers can view your vlogging content right there on your site.

  • Write an announcement post: Do you have an established readership who may have no idea that you’ve also begun vlogging? Let them know by writing a post announcing your new venture into the world of video. They’ll likely be excited to check out the new offerings from one of their favorite bloggers.

  • Write a round-up post: One of the best ways for bloggers to promote any additional content they’re posting elsewhere on the Internet is through a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly round-up post. Rather than let your readers know every time you post new video content, tell them periodically with short summaries and links to that content.

Social media is likely to become your best friend when it’s time to promote your video content. Most vlog platforms — and certainly all blogs — provide you with ways to directly and immediately share your new video content with the world through some of the most popular social media platforms.

Consider taking all the steps to promote your vlog that you would with a written blog, such as creating a unique Twitter account or Facebook page for your vlog channel or webisode series.

As with all content promotion, community is key. One of the best ways to get your community to promote your content is to spend more time promoting theirs than promoting your own.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the truth is that if you’re a good steward of the relationships you’re building online rather than taking advantage of your connections, those community members will step up to promote you when the time comes — such as the launch of your fantastic new vlog!