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How to Plan a Visual Marketing Strategy for a Blog

By Krista Neher

To execute on the strategy of creating pinnable visual elements as part of your marketing strategy for your blog, you must have a plan. Every blog post should have a pinnable image that accompanies it.

Most business blogs follow some sort of editorial calendar that outlines the schedule for posting blogs. Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, the editorial calendar may be more or less detailed, though it should include who will post what and when. Images should be added to this calendar, especially if a graphics department is required in order to execute the image strategy.

The reason that images should be included upfront on the editorial calendar is that they aren’t simply afterthoughts. The image that accompanies your blog post can make or break the amount of traffic and the social media interest that your blog post generates.

Plan your images upfront. To successfully incorporate high-quality images into your blog strategy, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the key point of the blog.

    Knowing the main premise, or theme, of the blog post is important in creating a pinnable image. Start by knowing what you want to communicate.

  2. Brainstorm image ideas.

    Brainstorm different types of images that may represent your story visually. You may choose an image with a particularly interesting statistic or an eye-catching photo that’s highly relevant with text written on it.

  3. Determine the image concept.

    After brainstorming, decide on the image concept that best represents your blog post.

  4. Decide how to create the image.

    After you know what you want to create, decide how you will create it. Perhaps the writer can create the image, or a designer may support the creation.

  5. Plan who will create it and when.

    Decide who will create the image, and determine when it’s needed. If your blog posts must first complete an approval process, you may need to have the image prepared in advance. Before publishing the image, be sure that it meets your requirements for a pinnable image.

  6. Add the image to the post.

    Add the image to your blog post. Determine where the image should be displayed in the post and whether it should be in the center or on the right or left. Preview the post to be sure that the image displays correctly before posting.

  7. Analyze and improve.

    All aspects of social media marketing include continuous improvement. Analyze how well different types of images perform for your blog. Look at the images that generate the most shares and clicks on social networks to evaluate the effectiveness of images. Continually refine and improve your image strategy.

These steps can be incorporated into your editorial calendar to ensure that you have enough time to create a stunning image.