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How to Passionately Promote Your Brand and Your Online Community

By Deborah Ng

Your online community rocks. All your members mesh, and when they brainstorm, they come up with amazing ideas. So why would you keep all that to yourself? To catch the attention of potential members, as well as the press, product reviewers, and other communities and community managers, you need to get a little shameless with the promotion, but not so shameless that you’re spammy and annoying:

  • Highlight your members’ achievements in the blog, in the newsletter, and on the social networks.

  • Bring community achievements to the attention of bloggers and the press.

  • Participate in other communities’ discussions to attract new members to your community.

  • Attend events of interest to your community and brand and talk to the people who can most benefit from participating too.

  • Hold Twitter chats and invite both members and nonmembers to attend.

Your community is your brand’s greatest asset. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing the world how it shines.

Having a passion for the brand or niche is what makes the most successful community managers. It’s because you’re passionate that you love your job and want to do everything you can for your community. You love talking with everyone each day, and your knowledge of the topic or brand is apparent. You love what you do, and it shows.

Compare someone who loves his job with someone who’s just going through the motions. The person who’s going through the motions handles the bare minimum. He clocks in at exactly 9 a.m. and leaves at exactly 5 p.m. His favorite part of the job is leaving for the day.

Your community is better than that. It doesn’t deserve the guy who can’t wait to leave his job. Your members spend money on your brand and advocate it by joining your community or sharing your promotions with friends, so they deserve a community manager who’s at his best each and every day.