How to Name Your Blogger Blog - dummies

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

When you have a Blogger account set up, you can choose a name for your blog. If you’re creating a blog that you plan to actually use, give a lot of thought to the name that you choose. Your blog name needs to accurately portray your blog’s tone and content.

If you plan to use this blog as a test space, don’t worry too much about choosing a name that has a lot of meaning, but be sure you choose something that you can remember!

To name your Blogger blog, follow these steps:

  1. Type the name of the blog in the Blog Title text box.

    Decide what phrase you want to use in your URL and type it in the Blog Address text box.

    A URL (uniform resource locator) is better known as a web address. To open your blog, visitors type this address into the address bar of their web browsers. You can use any word or phrase that you want as a URL, as long as someone else isn’t using it, but you probably want to keep it short and sweet so that others can get to your blog quickly and easily.

    You can’t use spaces or punctuation, except dashes, in your URL.

    You can type about 35 characters in this text box.

    As you type, Google checks to see whether your URL is available and displays the status of that check below the text box.

    Select one of the Template styles shown by clicking the image.

    You can change this selection later.

  2. Click the Create Blog button.

    Blogger sets up your new blog and takes you to the Dashboard.

After you complete this setup process, you don’t need to repeat it when you want to add a post to your blog. The next time you come to Blogger, simply use the login boxes on the home page to log in and get started posting to your blog.