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How to Meet Other Online Community Managers

By Deborah Ng

Thanks to a variety of communities for online community managers, as well as blogs and social networks, it’s easy to hook up with other community managers for a little conversation and commiseration. The best part is that other community managers want to meet you, too. They want to talk about issues facing community managers and discuss methods for bringing in new members or launching promotions.

Many terrific resources are available to enable you to meet up with others who manage online communities. Most community managers join these groups and chats or attend conferences for the same reason as you, so collaboration with them won’t be a hard sell.

Here are a few ideas for collaborating with other community managers:

  • Follow the #cmgrchat hashtag on Twitter for weekly discussions among community managers.

  • The Community Roundtable is a prestigious community for community managers. Also follow @TheCR on Twitter.

  • e-mint is a community-manager Yahoo! Group based in the United Kingdom but accepting members globally.

  • Community Manager, Advocate, and Evangelist is a popular Facebook discussion group for community managers.

  • The Community Manager is a resource and community for community managers.

  • Conferences — especially those geared to social media, blogging, technology, and online communities — are terrific ways to meet other community managers. Some conferences to attend are South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, BlogWorld & New Media Expo, the Online Community Unconference, and the Community Leadership Summit. As the dates of these conferences change each year, do an online search to find out when they’ll be coming around next.