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How to Lower Your Online Community’s Bounce Rate

By Deborah Ng

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your site and bounce off to another site or online community right away. You don’t want that. When it comes to bounce rates, less is more. The lower the bounce rate, the longer people are staying on your site.

An average bounce rate is about 60 percent. If your bounce rate is 70 percent or higher, folks aren’t sticking around after they land on your pages.

There’s only one way to lower your bounce rate: Make sure that the folks who visit your community stay for a while.

The average person knows all he wants to know about your community in the first 10 seconds. If a visitor lands on your community pages, looks around, and leaves within a few seconds, something is wrong. Your landing pages have to be intriguing enough to keep potential members interested longer than 10 seconds and encourage them to check out other areas of your community.

Your community needs to be visibly appealing, with intriguing and eye-catching subject or topic headlines. That isn’t to say everything needs to be a scandal, but it does mean you have to take care to make things interesting.

For example, an article entitled Crochet Tips is kind of generic, but 10 Tips for Taking Your Crocheting to A Whole Other Level is more appealing, intriguing, and discussion-worthy. Not only will it draw in members who want to discover new tips, but it will encourage them to offer their own as well.

Likewise, Peanut Butter Coupon is sure to grab some attention, but Save 70% on Peanut Butter! goes beyond casual couponers into serious bargain-hunting territory.

Avoid the exclamation point trap. One is eye-catching; more than one is overkill and spammy.