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How to Keep Track of Online Community Content Subscribers

By Deborah Ng

A good stats program for an online community manager helps you determine what subscribers to your content are doing with the content in your online community.

For example, if you have a newsletter, and the newsletter features truncated or shortened content from your website with a Read More link that readers click to finish an article, the stats for your newsletter subscription service can show you how many of your readers actually clicked the link to read the whole article and which articles received the highest numbers of click-throughs.

You can even use stats programs to track your RSS feeds. An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is what people use to subscribe to a blog, website, or online news service’s updates. They view updates in a feed reader such as the one provided by Google, or even Facebook, Flipboard (on the iPad), and other tools on mobile devices.

If you use a stats program for your RSS feeds, such as Feedburner, you can link it to certain stats tools such as Google Analytics and Performancing metrics. You can also check your feed’s stats using Feedburner itself. The tracking tools for RSS feeds also tell you interesting things about your community and their habits.

When people read your content through a feedreader, the goal should be for them to click through the content to the place where it’s originally posted. From there, they’ll take specific action whether it’s to comment, share with the content with others, or buy something.

Your feed stats tell you how many people read the content, and how many click through to the original consent. Learning the types of content your subscribers respond to most is essential for creating new content and programs.