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How to Introduce Products to Your Online Community

By Deborah Ng

If you’re a product-oriented brand, one reason to gather an online community together is so they can find out about new products. The problem is, if socializing online isn’t fun and everyone feels every interaction is going to be a sale pitch, they’re going to stop feeling the love after a while.

Mind you, most people are pretty smart and can figure out the community’s purpose. They know it’s all about the sale; they just don’t want it to be so obvious, especially if they’re giving up their spare time.

Introducing a new product without being overly pitchy about it is hard, but if you’re creative about it, your community will be receptive to the launch and not have to wash off a dirty feeling afterwards. Have some fun with your community. You’ll find that they’re up for anything that’s in good taste.

You can also try teasing them. Each day, drop a hint about what might be coming along with the launch date so that they know it’s something big. Some members may guess, and some may not, but setting them up a week or two in advance will create some buzz and anticipation.

You might also give them some sort of discount or free product coupon and invite them come back to a specific spot to offer feedback about the community. They’ll appreciate being able to tell you exactly what they think of your new product.

To get more people buying and create an even bigger buzz, find out how people are using your product. Ask for pictures, videos, recipes, and testimonials.

Product launches don’t have to be boring or spammy. When you involve a community of people who trust you and your brand, you already have a network of people eager to try what you’re selling. Give them the first shot at it at no charge, as this insider offer will make them feel special and important. Let them know feedback is essential and follow up to make sure that you hear from everyone.

If all goes well, your members will be talking about the product on all the networks and channels, and other people are going to want to see what the fuss is about.

With the right social media campaign, your launch can be huge.