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How to Identify Your Mom Blog Customers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

You need to focus on a niche. Marketing is not just about finding the right clients, but also about avoiding the wrong clients. When you’re focusing on a niche, the first step is identifying your typical customer.

The second step goes further than appealing to a group of individuals with a specific need, and encourages you to more clearly define the traits of the kind of client you want to work with.

For example, if you’re a coach for women in business, your marketing efforts will focus on finding professional women. But your typical customer is a much more specific profile. She may

  • Be self-employed or employed by a company.

  • Be a solo entrepreneur or have a staff of 20+.

  • Work only on nonprofit endeavors, or only on for-profit companies.

  • Be in a certain age range or life stage.

  • Work in a specific industry, such as eco-friendly businesses or food related businesses.

  • Have fewer than 5 years of experience or more than 20.

Getting to a profile of your typical customer involves identifying the kind of client you feel you can help the most, based on your own experiences.

You can start to identify your perfect client by listing the important traits of past clients you have enjoyed working with the most. Then imagine your dream project — and think about the kind of person or company who would hire you for such a project. You can add even more traits to your list as you make guesstimations as to what this client would be like.