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How to Generate Sales or Action with a Business Blog

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

Asking potential customers to check out your services after they read something on your blog can turn those readers into actual customers. If you see a logical link to a product or service that you offer, it only makes sense to let people know.

But you need to do more than simply push sales. You tread a fine line between a blog that points out possible purchases, along with providing content, and one that isn’t anything more than a big ad.

Keep one idea in mind: Meet the needs of your readers. If you can put yourself in the shoes of a blog visitor, you might be able to successfully discriminate between a reasonable link to a product sale and one that’s too blatant.

Some blogs don’t try hard to get people to pull out their wallets. Instead, the blog’s purpose might be to gather feedback and get people to participate in an event or contest. Again, try to be genuine and inviting, rather than pushy. Get readers involved and invested in your goal.

Gussy Sews is a site that skillfully pairs a personal blog with a home business. Maggie — known to her fans and customers as Gussy — candidly shares the ins and outs of her daily life with her husband, Zack, their sweet boy, Max, and even their dog, Bauer.

However, Gussy Sews isn’t all about Maggie discovering the joys of motherhood. One click on Shop Gussy takes you to the flip side of this blog — the store. Here you can purchase the wares of the family you’ve fallen in love with through Maggie’s blog, from zip pouches to totes and bags. Genius!

The online retailer Gussy Sews.