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How to Follow up with Social Media Interactions

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

Even though the focus of social media engagement is not to provide friendly phone calls or face-to-face interaction, your fans increasingly expect responsiveness. Somehow, SME promises more than a customer service call can deliver.

Because many companies are now responding effectively, consumers have increasingly high expectations. Rather than take traditional routes to praise and complain, they take to their social channels of choice — often, just to register frustrations about response times.

One brand that excels at “hearing” its customers in social networks and responding in a timely manner is Jockey. If you stop by its Facebook Page on any given day, you can see that questions, comments, and critiques are addressed individually — all of them.

Does Jockey have a perfect response or solution every time? No, but its customers definitely value being heard.


Four Canadian moms, determined to label every item that their children might ever lose — from clothing to sippy cups, and from school supplies to stationery — founded the company Mabel’s Labels. They relied heavily on social media engagement to build their brand and customer base.

From sponsoring giveaways to highlighting individual customers to inspiring Wow-I’m-a-mommy! moments, the founders make it more than their job to connect, respond to, and reconnect with their more than 64,000 Facebook fans and more than 22,000 Twitter followers — it’s their way of life. They receive more than 60 comments to a single question, and 20 comments deep, they respond to keep the conversation going.


Each connection, response, and follow-up you can make in your social channels solidifies your brand in a consumer’s mind.