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How to Evaluate Online Community Feedback

By Deborah Ng

Online community managers have a love/hate relationship with feedback. It’s a good feeling when you hear from community members that you’re a wonderful community manager. It’s also a great ego boost to discover campaigns and promotions are paying off or that your members feel good about participating in such a positive atmosphere.

This kind of positive feedback is helpful because it tells you where you are in achieving your goals for the community and also that your campaigns and other community efforts are paying off. Plus, you know you’re doing something right and can work on ramping up your community plans to see how to make it even more positive.

When you’re doing something right, you want to continue doing it right. If you hear that a particular giveaway was a huge success, are you going to leave it at that? No, you’re going to plan more giveaways! The last thing you want to do is have one successful campaign and leave it at that.

On the flip side of the coin, you have your negative feedback. No one likes hearing or reading something bad. It’s even more embarrassing if negative feedback is left as a public comment on a blog post, written out as a whole blog post, or posted on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.