How to Drive Interaction on Social Media - dummies

How to Drive Interaction on Social Media

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

The activity that goes hand in hand with sparking a conversation on social media happens during the conversation and after it ends. You have business goals. You want people to take action, whether it’s to click on your web ad banner, sign up for a prize or content, contact you, or make a purchase.

All these actions require deliberate effort — they don’t happen automatically. Any telephone salesperson who initiates cold calls can tell you that hang-ups and rejections are much more common than actual sales.

Social media engagement is both the warm-up and the marathon. Attracting more than a passing glance online and making a deliberate action to connect — to like or favorite your content — is only the first step in driving interaction. That one-time action of clicking the Like button doesn’t help you reach your goals.

Turn those quick-and-easy liking and favoriting actions into greater commitments of time and trust — into comments and shares. You accomplish this task by executing a well-planned approach to content development and publishing, thoughtful outreach, consistent presence, meaningful conversation, and subtle and not-so-subtle encouragement. Give people a reason to continually interact with you. Understand what motivates your audience to interact. Social engagement starts with you, but interactions aren’t only about you.