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How to Develop a Mom Blog Mailing List

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Every blogger who is selling products or services should have a mailing list. Promoting your new products to your past customers is the number-one way to increase your sales! You don’t have to be selling something to create a good mailing list, but having a mailing list is important in many ways:

  • It keeps traffic consistent: Mailing-list subscribers are your readers most interested in your content or products and services. As long as you maintain a regular e-mail schedule, your mailing list will consistently send your most loyal readers and customers back to your sites.

  • It builds long-term value: Having a mailing list is important to the long-term value of your site or blog. Consistent e-mail marketing efforts will gradually increase your traffic and profits over time. It’s also a great asset to have if you ever want to sell your blog someday because you get to sell both a blog and a built-in client base along with it.

  • It communicates new content and features: The fastest way to promote your new projects, products, and site features is through a mailing list. Your subscribers will be the ones most interested in these things, too.

  • Sells products: Statistically, e-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell products to past customers or people interested in buying from you. Sending a strong call to action with direct links to sales pages directly into customers’ inboxes makes it very easy for them to make purchases.

    Plus, your subscribers learn what to expect from your newsletters over time, so if they open them, they have already made a step toward a purchase.

  • Building loyalty: Often your visitors may come to your site and love your stuff, but may not be able to buy right at that moment.

    By signing up for your newsletter, they have given you permission to market to them, and they have expressed an interest in learning more about you. Sometimes, a visitor just needs time to build trust before making a purchase. A regular newsletter is the best way to do that.

Not all blogs need an e-mail newsletter and mailing list. But if you’re selling your products and services from your blog, a newsletter will absolutely help you get more sales over time.