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How to Determine How Frequently to Update Your Social Media

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

People on social media don’t expect you to post around the clock, and — don’t worry — they certainly aren’t paying attention around the clock. Knowing when, and how often, to post requires some research and some observations as you engage.

Having an inconsistent social media presence is worse than having no presence. If your customers or prospects visit your Facebook Page or look you up on Twitter, only to find that you haven’t posted anything in the past year or so, they’ll likely think that you don’t care much about your social media customers.

After you’re using an editorial calendar and you have planned out portions of your social content, determine the best times of day for you to hop online to follow up. Plan to spend no more than 20 minutes at a time checking for replies, responding, and sending out in-the-moment messaging to drive engagement.

A fine line exists between updating too frequently and not often enough to make a blip on the busy radar of social networking.

To maintain a warm and attentive reception to your posts, share only relevant content that’s useful to the followers you’re trying to serve. Vet the content you post, especially if it originates from another source. Any content you publish or share should reflect your brand values. Providing value builds trust.

Every social network is different in terms of how many posts per day is acceptable. Other variables in frequency include time zones and your goals. Given the many variables to posting frequency, here is a rough guideline. Modify these numbers based on your experiences over time.

Social Network Minimum Frequency Ideal Frequency Tolerance for Multiple Posts
Facebook Daily Once or twice per day Low
LinkedIn Daily Once or twice per day Moderate
Google+ Daily Multiple times per day Moderate
Twitter Several times per day Multiple times per day High
Pinterest Several times per day Multiple times per day High
YouTube Weekly Three or four times per week Moderate
Instagram A few times per week Daily or more often Moderate

If you’re focusing more heavily on one social network over another, increase your posting frequency over time on that network to best serve your audience and your goals. Posting three to five times on Facebook isn’t forbidden; however, it isn’t the best use of your time either. The people who have liked your page just may unlike you if you post too often.

No one can give you a single correct answer for how often to post. All the studies in the world are only snapshots of tiny segments of the online population, and they may not reflect what you know to be true about your own audience.