How to Create Good Conversation in Your Online Community

By Deborah Ng

You can create intriguing discussion topics based on what your online community members are most interested in. The people who visit your community leave behind a variety of hints about what they want to talk about most:

  • If they join your community because you regularly offer discount codes, talk money. Discuss ways to save in products, as well as in other areas around the house. A huge response to a bargain tells you that your community members want to save. Encourage them to share their money-saving ideas as well.

  • If folks are landing at your community after you post a job on your website’s corporate page, you have some job seekers in your audience. Talk about the current job situation, and share tips for finding jobs, interviewing for jobs, and making the best career choices.

  • If folks are landing at your community via a search for dorm decorating ideas, it tells you that your community has college-age members. If you’re receiving a large number of these searches, plan discussions that are age appropriate (of interest to people 18 to 25 years old).

If you notice that traffic is down on the days where certain topics are being talked about, you know that this topic isn’t of interest. On the other hand, if bloggers or other communities are linking to something that’s posted at your community and driving traffic to you that way, this topic is worthy of discussion.