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How to Connect with Other Mom Bloggers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Being a new mom blogger is a little like trying to make connections in a room full of people you have never met. And if you’ve ever been to a formal networking event, you know how intimidating this can be. But the fact of the matter is that most of the people in the room feel just as shy as you do.

You put on a good game face at these events, but inside, you might hate having to introduce myself and start multiple awkward conversations in the hopes you can find just one friend who can help you get through the meeting. Actually, connecting with other mom bloggers is far easier than this — at least you can do it in your jammies with a cup of coffee next to the computer!

Introducing yourself and starting conversations via blogging is as simple as writing posts on your blog, writing comments on others’ blogs, and linking to the bloggers you hope to get to know better. This is exactly how all mom bloggers started, no matter how successful they are today. And frankly, these things never lose their effectiveness.

As you get more established, it may become harder to stay on top of these kinds of connections. Set aside time every few days to reconnect with online friends, find new bloggers, and link enthusiastically to as many bloggers as you can.

There are also more subtle ways to connect with other moms — just by sharing your experiences in a way that resonates with your readers. You’ll find that even though you can connect directly with readers through their comments and through their own blogs, you will always have a group of readers called lurkers.

These are people who return to your blog regularly, but never directly interact with you. You may not be able to get to know these readers, but the fact that they feel connected to you through your writing is a powerful motivator to write more and be accountable to your audience. You can find out a little more about lurkers through your blog analytics.