How to Choose a Blog Topic - dummies

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

You can find blog topics all over the map. If you haven’t already read a blog, follow these simple steps to find one and read it, which is the best possible way to become familiar with the medium:

  1. Open your web browser and go to Technorati.

  2. Type any search term that you want to read about into the search box at the top of the page.

    For example, you might enjoy reading a blog written by someone with whom you share a hobby, such as knitting or parasailing. Or try a search term describing what you do for a living; if you’re an accountant, for example, you might search for tax regulations. You can also search for something that can help you accomplish a task, such as buying a house or finding out how to paint.

  3. Click Blog or Posts to filter the search results as you desire.

  4. Click Search (the magnifying glass button to the right of the search box).

    Technorati returns a list of recent blog posts that used your search term. When you search for knitting, for example, Technorati shows a blog post by someone who just bought some new yarn for making socks, one about a recipe for a knitting-themed birthday cake, and another post by someone who was frustrated with a pattern.

  5. Find a blog post that looks interesting and click the URL to visit the blog and read more.

  6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5, as needed, until you find a blog that you enjoy!

You can find blogs on so many topics that you can’t help but find something interesting, whether it engages you professionally or personally.

The blog format is exceptionally well-suited to letting you explore an idea, a hobby, or a project — but don’t let that stop you from using it for other things. People have created blogs to pass along marketing expertise, sell shoes, cover the latest celebrity gossip, raise funds for bike rides, and even write books.

The topic or topics that you write about should excite you and hold your interest, and they can be about absolutely anything.

Having that much freedom can be a little scary and can leave you with an absolute blank mind. No problem; you can start a blog today about one topic, and when you actually figure out what you want to write about, change directions and go down another road.

And although there are no guarantees that content you delete will disappear forever, thanks to cached copies and screenshots, you certainly have the ability to remove posts from your blog that are no longer a fit. It’s a very flexible format!

Think about the following tips when you start a blog:

  • Choose a subject that genuinely interests you. Don’t choose a topic only because you think being interested in it makes you look good or it will attract a lot of readers. You’re the one who has to do the writing, and you can do that writing much more easily if you’re enthusiastic about your subject. Your passion shines through to your readers and keeps them coming back.

  • Decide whether any topics are off limits. Bloggers who keep personal diaries for their friends and families might decide to keep certain subjects out of the public forum of the Internet. For example, do you really want your significant other reading a frank account of last night’s dinner preparation argument? How about your mom or your boss?

  • Think about your potential readers. Who are they? How can you appeal to them and get them to keep reading your blog? Do you even care about how many readers you have? If you do, what do you want to show, explain, or ask them?