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How to Build Social Media Trust through Prompt Responses

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

We know that it’s impossible for you to be online and monitoring your social media networks 24 hours a day. Set a schedule for regular checks of your online communities to manage the conversations in an organized fashion.

More importantly, in addition to setting alerts to hear what the online community is saying about you, make the time to pay attention to your community so that you can hear what they’re saying to you and respond in a timely manner.

Check in regularly throughout the day to catch what is being said that doesn’t reach you by way of alerts. Go online during the periods when the largest number of people — including your customers and prospects — are present: early in the morning, midmorning, early afternoon, and early evening. Knowing your audience and interacting with them often can help you determine the best times to reach your own online community.

If you live and work on the east coast but your target market and most of your audience is based in California, adjust your timing for online content publishing and interacting accordingly.

The timeliness of your responses is an important part of trust-building online. Leaving questions unanswered for days, weeks, or even longer leaves a bad taste in a customer’s mouth and can dissolve that person’s trust in you.

A timely response is even more important when you (or someone posting for you) make a mistake. Address mistakes as quickly as possible — it can mean the difference between a positive and negative impression of your brand.

Ramon de Leon owns several Domino’s Pizza franchises in the Chicago area. When a customer tweeted a complaint about receiving the wrong pizza, De Leon did more than fix the problem — he posted a tweet to explain that the correct order was en route and that the store would “wow” her. Then he created a personalized video apology with his store manager.

This video, which has been viewed more than 160,000 times, is a stellar example of social media follow-through.