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How to Add Your Podcast to iTunes

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

Because of the overwhelming popularity of Apple’s iTunes software as the main podcast viewer, you absolutely must submit your podcast to its service — unless, for some reason, you don’t want people to find your podcast.

Before you submit your podcast to iTunes, you need to do the following:

  • Sign up for an Apple ID. Each submission is associated with a user account. If you have iTunes installed on your computer and have purchased songs or other media from the iTunes store, you already have an Apple ID.

    To get an ID, download iTunes, which you find at; after you install the software, select the iTunes Store option on the left of the main screen to begin setting up your ID.

  • Set up an RSS feed. If you’re using blog software, you likely already have a feed. Check your documentation for more information.

  • Have a few entries in your feed and make sure that the feed is working. You can test your feed by making sure that your own feed reader can subscribe to your feed. If you see your posts in your reader, the feed should be working fine.

    If you have a FeedBurner feed set up, you’ve already taken care of some of the optimization to make your feed work well in iTunes. Be sure to use the FeedBurner feed address when you sign up in iTunes.

Before iTunes adds podcasts to the Store, Apple iTunes staff reviews podcast submissions. The staff can refuse podcasts for even very small reasons. You may have problems getting a podcast added if you’ve been turned down before.

If you have the iTunes software installed on your computer, you can submit your podcast by using the iTunes interface. In order to get your podcast into the iTunes Store, follow these steps:

  1. Start your iTunes software.

  2. Click the iTunes Store navigation item in the left column (its location depends on the version of iTunes that you have, though).

    The iTunes store interface opens.

  3. Select the Podcasts link from the iTunes Store menu on the top of the screen.

    The Podcasts page appears.

  4. Click the Submit a Podcast menu item located in the top-right of the page.

    iTunes loads the Submit Podcasts page.

  5. Enter the RSS feed of your podcast in the Podcast Feed URL field and click the Continue button.

    If you’re not logged in to the iTunes Store, you’re prompted to log in at this point.

    iTunes submits your feed for review by Apple staff.

After you submit your podcast, it might take several days or even weeks until your feed shows up in the iTunes library of podcasts. If your podcast is rejected for any reason, you receive an e-mail from Apple. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide reasons for rejections.)