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How to Add Videos to a Blog for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

As a visual social marketing technique, adding videos to your blog can increase the engagement level of people viewing your post and extend the viewing duration. You may include videos that you upload from your computer or videos that you find on video sharing sites such as YouTube.

When videos are incorporated correctly in your blog, viewers can click Play to watch the video directly from your blog.

How to upload videos to your blog

Uploading a video to your blog isn’t as simple as you might expect. Though blogging software makes it easy to upload images, videos are more difficult because blogging software lacks a video player. Though you can upload a video, the blogging software usually can’t play the video. Adding a video player typically requires purchasing a plug-in or video player software to allow videos to play on your blog.

Though this problem may seem complex, a simple solution is to first upload the video to a video sharing site such as YouTube and then share the YouTube video on your blog.

One main reason that businesses prefer to upload their videos and use a separate video player is that you may have more control over the video display. Also, search engine results may include a small snippet of the video if you use a custom video player. The benefit of having the video snippet in search results is that it can increase the number of people who click on your link.

How to embed a video on your blog

Rather than upload your own video and display it on your blog, you can embed a video from YouTube or another video sharing site. Though these steps focus on YouTube (the most popular video sharing website), the steps are similar for other video sharing social networks.

You may embed your own videos into your blog post or any video you find on YouTube. For example, you may find a YouTube video with an example of a commercial that you want to write about in your blog post. You can embed the YouTube video in your post, and viewers can watch the video directly in your blog, without having to go to YouTube.


To embed a YouTube video into your blog post, follow these steps:

  1. Find the video on YouTube and click the Embed link.

    Start by finding on YouTube the video you want to share on your blog. Go to the page on YouTube that hosts the video. Below the video, click the Share tab and click the Embed link.

  2. Customize the embed code.

    A small window with code is generated. You may want to customize certain aspects of this code before sharing it. YouTube lets you choose the size of the video player. You can also select the Select Privacy Enhanced-Mode check box so that YouTube doesn’t store information about your website visitors unless they play the video.

    When you’ve selected the size and privacy settings, highlight the code generated in the display box and copy it to the clipboard.


  3. Go to the HTML/Code/Text entry on your blog.

    The default editing screen on your blog is typically a visual editing screen that doesn’t display the code for the blog. To embed the YouTube video, you enter the code editor/viewer of the blog post. Choose to view the code for your blog post. Scroll through the code to find the section of your blog post where you want to insert the video. Paste the code into the blog post.

    When you switch back to the visual view of your blog, you should be able to see a box that shows where the video will be displayed.

  4. Preview the post to see the video in the blog post.

    Verify that the video is displayed correctly and is viewable in the post. Depending on your blog settings, the video may not be playable in Preview mode. Either way, Preview mode shows you where the video will be displayed and the size of the video.

Videos make your posts more engaging. Don’t hesitate to embed a video directly into your blog post so that readers of your blog can view the video directly from your website.