How Stats Help Online Community Management - dummies

How Stats Help Online Community Management

By Deborah Ng

When you use an analytics program such as Google Analytics, you can find out about your online community members’ habits and tailor campaigns and promotions to their needs.


Without a solid stats or analytics package in place, you won’t know enough about your community to manage effectively. Your stats offer a wealth of information about the traffic patterns in your communities:

  • How many people visit your community each day

  • How much time the average person spends visiting your community

  • What your most popular content and discussion topics are

  • Where your visitors are coming from before they land on your site

  • Who is linking to you from other blogs and websites

  • Which days and months yield the highest and lowest traffic

  • Which content interests your community least

  • * What search terms members or potential members are using to land on your pages

Your stats may reveal details that you didn’t even consider. You may not think that it matters if one hour of the day is busier than another, for example, but it matters for sure.

The more people are online at any given time, the more of them will react to your content, perhaps sharing it on the social networks or even buying what you’re selling. If you drop important news or launch a promotion during a time that isn’t so busy, your campaign may start with a whimper.

Because online content doesn’t stay relevant for long, you want to post and interact during the busiest times possible. You can’t tell what times are busiest without your stats.

The purpose of many of your social-networking campaigns is to drive your community to take a particular action, whether that action is blog traffic, sales, or a charitable campaign. Your analytics program will help you to determine if those social campaigns are working