How Individual Consumers Engage with Social Media - dummies

How Individual Consumers Engage with Social Media

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

In today’s social media web, individuals have more power than ever. Consumers are increasingly aware of the power they hold: A person with a blog can review products, build awareness of a brand, and drive sales. Someone can share their opinions about a brand on their favorite social networks and their thoughts can spread exponentially.

New consumers expect more from you and your company, particularly if they’re your customer or a prospect. An individual in the mix of social media engagement is looking for these qualities:

  • Respect: Every person responds well to a respectful approach. A simple thank-you is a good place to start.

  • Response: Someone who asks a question expects to receive an answer.

  • Rewards: Though everyone has a different concept of rewards or perks, people like to feel appreciated.

If you’re worried that you’re at the mercy of individuals who can potentially make or break your company by publishing their opinions online, don’t panic: Understanding how people online act and react is a lesson in human psychology. Your own actions toward engaging others online should be thoughtful and positive to generate positive results.